El hip-hop americano está de luto. Albert ‘Prodigy’ Johnson, el legendario MC neoyorquino y miembro del grupo Mobb Deep, fallecía inesperadamente este pasado martes (21 Jun.). Tenía 42 años.

Todavía se desconoce la causa de la muerte pero el rapper de Queens había estado luchando durante décadas contra una anemia de células falciformes. P murió en Las Vegas (Nevada) donde se encontraba como parte del ‘Art of Rap Tour’ con Ghostface Killah, Onyx, KRS-One y Ice-T.

Muchos artistas se han querido despedir de HNIC mediante mensajes de recuerdo y fotos publicadas en las redes sociales. Havoc, su compañero en Mobb Deep, Nas, Drake, Joe Budden, Lupe Fiasco, Puff Daddy, 50 Cent, Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, Q-Tip, Lil Wayne, Schoolboy Q, entre otros.

Un duro golpe para todo para toda la comunidad del hip-hop que pierde a uno de sus grandes liricistas. «Life is a gamble, we scramble for money. I might crack a smile but ain’t a damn thing funny». R.I.P. Prodigy (1974-2017)

Family. We Mobb Deep 4 Ever. RIP PRODIGY

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Infamous 🌺

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Eulogy For P If a tech nine had a voice it would sound like P, Gemstar said nah Dunn he would sound like me, apply pressure, found The Infamous disc like treasure, lyrics like water to a thirsty man in the desert, 41st side general, more pivotal than that traditional rap style ya listen to, never shook read streets like books, copycats get sent straight to the island trying to repeat my jooks, Queensbridge makes legends word to Automatic weapons, bullet proof MPV's and big heavy smith & wessons, I'm just trying to keep my mind on the money and cash, politic with young criminals from off the ave, puffin reefa, New York summers hotter than a fever, don't wait for a bullet in the dark to make you a believer, If New York had a voice it would sound like P, the undisputed Mobb muzik HNIC! rapstar lyrical czar with legendary shine, far from the over marketed unofficial bars and unnecessary rhymes, that you used to, thunny Im more potent, the return of the real hip hop that you been hopin', the biggest chains that you ever came in contact, try to sneak and peep the hand to hand combat, if the projects had a voice they would sound like P, to the R-O-D-I-G-Y M-O-B-B, Im a pray for ya soul and gifts you gave, for ya fam, ya brother Hav, Noyd, Bars & Hooks and all the paths you paved, Rest In Peace thun I hope to see you up top, watch over NYC I'll be on the look out for any Gems you drop, word…and i hope that your alright rest assured that I'll do my best to keep it pure and make sure it ain't no more wars outside…indeed 🙏🏾😢 RIP

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Don't want to believe he's gone. Omg. RIP @prodigymobbdeep #QueensFinest

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You had us stuck off the realness. Rest In Peace OG.

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