El rapero de Pittsburgh Mac Miller y ex de Ariana Grande tenía 26 años
MAC MILLER | Fotografía by G. L. Askew II

Otro viernes negro para el hip-hop americano y el mundo de la música. El rapper Mac Miller, de 26 años, fallecía en el día de ayer (7 Sept.) a consecuencia de una «aparente» sobredosis de drogaa, algo que aún se está investigando y que determinará la autopsia.

Las fuentes policiales informaron al portal TMZ que el artista de Pittsburgh fue encontrado alrededor del mediodía en su casa de San Fernando Valley (Los Ángeles) y fue declarado muerto en la escena tras haber sufrido un paro cardiaco. Alguien alertó a las autoridades con una llamadas realizada al 911.

Larry Fisherman, conocido también por la ‘tóxica’ relación sentimental que mantuvo con Ariana Grande, había hablado abiertamente sobre su lucha contra el abuso de sustancias a lo largo de los años. A finales de octubre iba a comenzar una gira para presentar su más reciente álbum Swimming, algo que desgraciadamente no sucederá.

La repentina muerte de Miller ha cogido a todo el mundo por sorpresa y son muchos los artistas como Halsey, Diplo, A$AP Rocky, Chance The Rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, Kid Ink o Big Sean quienes han tomado las redes sociales para desahogarse y despedirse.


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Today is a bad dream. Thank you Mac. For being a visionary. A smiling, laughing, kindhearted individual. Thank you for being the soundtrack to my high school years. For giving me songs I knew every single word to and screamed at the top of my lungs in my first car the year I got my license. Thank you for giving me punchlines and inside jokes with my best friends. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a good friend to Gerald. For making millions of people happy even when you were suffering. Check on your friends. Please. Call them. Tell them you love them. Be a resource that comes with no judgment. Let your friends unfold without feeling like they are burdening you. Rest easy, Mac. We love you so so so very much.

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My first day on tour in Australia I saw Mac in the lobby .. he was having a small fling with one of my dancers and asked her to dye his hair pink before tour started.. and then he wrote this dope song called pink bathwater (one of thousand songs you probably will never hear) . He drank whiskey at major lazer after-party is til 4 am.. went back to festival at midday .. played piano like Mozart with the sun blazing down on him.. throw up on stage . Cry a bit, rap some more then pass out in the grass and text me a few hours like where we going next .. next five years I see this guy everywhere .. best people I could always count on.. we made a lot of music in my first studio in Burbank.. he kept getting better and better .. this dude lived so hard was so amazing and talented and still extremely missunderstood.. another video is me and @skrillex on New year's Eve at MSG and Mac just came out at midnight like he was he headliner in his Riddler suit. Fuck I couldn't stop laughing .. he was always there in the middle of the best moments .. and if there wasn't a vibe he created it and made the room brighter .. he radiated positivity, but there wasn't a balance.. the other side was he was deeply insecure and always found substitution for what was missing in his life .. For a second think about the people around you and make sure they are always aware of the love .. don't take a second forgranted. They might need you and you don't even notice it because your too busy .. 💔 .. always gonna love you Mac

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I love you

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Rest In Peace Mac 🙏 💔

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Not sure what to say… Rest Easy bro! You’re energy was bright n infectious! I appreciate your voice and your heart bro. You pulled up to my 1st appearance in Pittsburgh for my mixtape FF2 n we been cool since. We did a gang of shows together, had music together and had some great talks. I relate a lot to you because we had a similar path, repped our city’s n started coming up around the same time. Thank you for your voice and all you addressed from feeling good, love, feeling bad, mental health, anxiety, depression n just things a lot of us identify with. I’ve been off social media more because I haven’t been feeling social, but I looked and saw a DM on twitter from u last week n it’s hurting me I didn’t fucking log on and see it and hit you back! You’ll live forever, Love!

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